Doritex Renews Certifications for Environmental Responsibility and Food Safety

We’re proud to announce that Doritex has renewed its Hygienically Clean Food Service and Clean Green certifications from the TRSA, demonstrating our commitment to both environmental responsibility and food safety!

The Hygienically Clean Food Service certification confirms that our employees are properly trained, that we are compliant with standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, that our plant operates effectively, and that our garments and linens are safe for use by food service businesses.

Every single step of our laundering process is verified by third-party experts, from detergent formulas to water temperature to drying. This evaluation extends even beyond our plant, to our procedures for pickup, dropoff and transportation.

Our linens are also tested for microbial contamination four times every year and our entire plant undergoes inspection every three years to show that we are maintaining these standards. We control all potential hazards in our facility so that there are fewer hazards in your business.

Additionally, our Clean Green certification demonstrates our dedication to protecting the earth’s natural resources through sustainable water usage, energy efficiency and recycling.

When you work with Doritex, you can trust that we’re giving you the best products, cleaned to the highest standards set by the industry and processed with the environment in mind. We have the certifications to prove it!

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