Doritex is Clean Green Certified!

Doritex is Clean Green Certified!

clean green certified

clean green certified

Are you looking for a uniform rental service with a mind for the environment? You’ve found it because Doritex, your uniform service people, is proud to be Clean Green certified.

This honor represents our commitment to quantifiable, objective, and continuous efforts to reduce our impact on the environment. Because our washing, drying, and finishing processes maximize sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint, we’re able to serve you with minimal effects on the environment and our surrounding communities. 

Examples of these efforts include: 

  • Capturing heat from wastewater streams, reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reusing water for multiple processes
  • Using environmentally-friendly detergents
  • Filtering wastewater before discharging it to the sewer
  • Utilizing solar energy and energy-efficient lighting
  • Recycling programs
  • Re-routing trucks to save fuel

The certification is issued by the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA), and its qualifications are set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Both are internationally-recognized authorities on industry compliance. 

What It Means for You

With a Clean Green certification, our clients have undeniable assurance that their choice of launderer is the right one. Your use of our services is not only reliable and cost-effective, but also the most ecologically minded way to fulfill your business’s needs.  

You can take comfort in the fact that we (1) demand suppliers minimize their environmental impacts, (2) maximize use of reusable goods, (3) control emissions and conserve natural resources, and also (4) reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. 

Regulation of Professionals, by Professionals

The TRSA, an EPA acknowledged member of sustainability leadership, has over a century of experience as a regulatory body over the textile rental industry. Over the years, they’ve refined their criteria of facility approval and continually update their standards as our industry evolves. 

Getting TRSA approval means we’ve passed a complex laundry inspection and audit, successfully implemented effective waste management procedures, and are also continuously improving to meet your needs and keep your costs low. 

What Clean Green Certification Requires

To qualify for the Clean Green certification, a linen or uniform service needs to have large-scale industrial capabilities. 

Assets that qualify us are:

  • Glass-door-front-loading washing machines that can handle hundreds of pounds of textiles at a time 
  • Tunnel washers that handle thousands of pounds and require less water and chemicals per pound of laundry
  • Laundering processes that use less than half the amount of energy necessary for an equivalent load through a home washer and dryer 

Why You Should Use a Clean Green Certified Laundry Facility

Outside of having minimal impact on the environment, the strict requirements for Clean Green approval and TRSA membership establish the facility that receives them as exceptional. Additionally, anyone doing business with a facility possessing these designations won’t have to worry about shady business practices, inferior products, or sloppy procedures. 

Above all, it means certified confidence. 

Why You Should Work with Doritex

It takes more than solid procedures and environmental consciousness to do things right. It also takes care and concern for customer needs, desire to constantly improve, and a 100% Performance Money-Back Guarantee

Give Doritex a call at (800) 242-2145 because together, we’ll get you the items you need in an environmentally-conscious way.