Why Doritex is a Great Place to Work

Why Doritex is a Great Place to Work

There are tons of workplaces out there looking for the right candidate – but are they the right fit for you? If you’re looking to find not just a career but a workplace that truly cares about your welfare and your potential, Doritex might be the perfect fit for your skills and talents!

Why You Should Work at Doritex

Here are just some of the reasons why you should be part of our growing family of experts:

1. Long Company History.

Our locally-owned and -operated business is run by the third generation of the same family that first opened its doors in 1920. This proves, more than anything, our good standing and reputation not just as a business but as a workplace. We have been here all these years and you can rest assured that we are here to stay – providing you with a stable, lasting foundation for your career growth.  

2. Culture of Excellence.

Our company has maintained its reputation of reliability not by excellent marketing but by the results that we deliver. And this we achieve through hard work and a commitment to excellence in every aspect of our operations. We train all of the employees within the organization to uphold the highest standards in everything they do, to understand the importance of their jobs, to practice responsibility and maintain an attitude of accountability for their respective roles, and their contribution to the success of every service rendered. We strive for a culture of excellence throughout every part of the company – if this is the kind of atmosphere you would like to be part of, Doritex is the perfect workplace for you.

3. A Happy Family.

At Doritex, everyone is family. More than just employees, all of the members of our workforce are treated as part of a loving and happy family. Not only is this an integral part of our success and longevity as a business; it is also one of the reasons why our employees stay with us for years. When you work with Doritex, you are assured of getting treated with the care and compassion of a family that looks out for your growth both as an individual and as a professional.

4. Impressive Company Credentials.

Doritex provides you with an opportunity to advance as a professional in an environment that upholds the highest standards in every aspect of operations and is trusted not only by the people who are part of the company but more importantly by our extended network of industry players, the local community, and clients. Check out our list of credentials here.

5. Great Incentives.

Doritex owes much of its success and longevity to the tireless work and dedication that our employees put in every day. That is why we also work hard to make sure that these efforts are repaid well with great benefits including generous 401K retirement, health, dental, vision, and life insurance coverages, employee discounts, paid holidays, employee assistance programs, bonuses, cash and other incentives, HSA contributions, and profit-sharing opportunities, on top of our competitive and guaranteed weekly wages.

6. Opportunities for Career Advancement.

Doritex invests in our people. Our jobs are rife with opportunities for personal and professional advancement, and everyone has a fair chance at moving upwards.

7. Comfortable Working Space.

Doritex not only provides the right garment and electronic equipment needed for the job – we have also designed Doritex as a workplace that cares for personal and professional wellbeing. We have an in-house gym accessible for all employees plus regular recognitions, trainings, and collaborative practices so everyone feels like they are an integral part of the success of the company.  

Become part of the family today!

Doritex is looking for people to be part of its growing family! Click here to learn more about our latest job offerings or watch this video to understand more of what we offer our employees. What are you waiting for? Dust off your resume and be part of Doritex!