3 Reasons that Entrance Mats Aren’t Just for Winter

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Entrance mats are helpful in the winter to help minimize snow and resulting moisture from collecting on your business’s floors. However, that doesn’t mean you should throw them out or stuff them in a closet to collect dust once springtime comes around.

Why not get the most out of your entrance mats by using them year-round? Not only will you get the most bang for your buck, but your business, customers, and staff will benefit from the use of floor mats any season of the year.

Here at Doritex, we’ve been providing custom mat solutions for decades. We’ve seen it all, so trust us when we tell you that using your entrance mats year-round directly benefits your business.

Here are some reasons why:

1. Snow isn’t the Only Season of Moisture

While winter months may make you acutely aware of the impacts of moisture in your facility, snow isn’t the only thing you need to protect your floors from. New York averages about 46 inches of rain annually. To put that into perspective, one inch of rain falling on one acre of land is equivalent to about 27,000 gallons of water!

Protecting your floors from water is important and floor mats help prevent slips and falls. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slip and falls account for over 1 million hospital emergency room visits per year. Avoid these kinds of accidents in your business by keeping your mats year-round!

2. Mats Save You Money!

Because floor mats help prevent dirt and moisture from entering your facility, they save you time and money. Floor mats are the barriers between your nice, clean floors and someone’s shoe. By keeping mats in your facility, you reduce the amount of scuff marks and stains caused by people entering your building. This can help prolong the shelf life of your floors.

3. Floor Mats Make Your Business Look Professional

Having an entrance mat with your logo on it looks professional. The moment a new customer walks into your business, you’re making a first impression. You want them to see your clean, well-designed logo mat and know that they are walking into a business that cares about how it presents itself.

A nice entrance mat shows customers that you take pride in what you do, and that you do your best to make your facility inviting to them. You don’t want a customer to walk in and see dirt, water, stains, and scuff marks on your floors as that can immediately distract them from the true purpose of your business.

Let Doritex Help Keep Your Floors Clean Today with Entrance Mats!

Entrance mats are not just for the winter, but for every time of the year. They prevent rain and dirt from coming into your facility, and they give your business a professional look while saving you both time and money.

At Doritex, we serve thousands of customers on a regular basis with our mat service. We offer custom mat solutions so you always get what you need. With Doritex, you get the high-quality mats your business deserves at a price that won’t break your budget.

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