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To say that hand washing is your best defense against illness is a clear understatement. Health experts around the world could not stress the matter enough that the World Health Organization (WHO) has even come up with detailed universal guidelines on the importance of when, why, and how to properly wash hands to help stop the spread of diseases such as cholera, the flu, norovirus, and even up our defenses against antibiotic resistance. The importance of proper and regular hand washing becomes even more pronounced in places that run a publicly-shared restroom and in food production lines.

Equip your business with the right hand washing implements to encourage proper hand washing with the Doritex line of hand care products!


These products are designed to address the hand washing supply and dispenser needs of your commercial space. Check out our exceptional hand care products below:

Soyscrub Industrial Hand Cleaner

o   Water-activated and soybean oil-based

o   Suitable for industrial, automotive, and commercial printing applications

FoamFresh Instant Hand Sanitizer

o   Contains 62% ethyl alcohol

o   Fragrance-free

o   Formulated to kill 99.9% of the most common disease-carrying germs

o   No rinse or towels necessary after application

FoamFresh Antibacterial Handwash

o   High-quality foam soap

o   Enhanced with moisturizers and conditioners

o   Formulated with collagen for moisturizing

o   Contains 0.25% PCMX

o   Ideal for bacteria eradication

FoamFresh E2 Hand Cleaner/Sanitizer

o   Formulated especially for use in food service

o   No pre-wash necessary

o   One-step wash

o   Effective reduction of bacteria

o   Meets USDA regulations for food processing environment use

o   Contains 1.25% Benzelthonium Chloride

Don’t risk losing business or lowering employee productivity over poorly stocked and poorly maintained restrooms. Stock up on your soap and hand sanitizer supplies with the help of Doritex!

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