The Comprehensive Guide to Flame-Resistant Clothing

flame-resistant clothing

The safety of your employees is crucial, especially in an industry where hazards run a-muck in almost every area of your business.

While you can provide your employees with glasses, hats, gloves and more to protect exposed areas of their bodies, the actual material your uniforms are made from is just as crucial.

Think about the equipment your employees are working with and the potential for things to go wrong. We’re talking about the type of wrong situation where simply being covered isn’t quite enough protection. We’re talking about electric arcs and flash fires.

While no amount of fabric can prevent the injury of an individual when these things happen, the severity of the injury and the fatality of the situation can be influenced by the clothing your employees wear.

Does Flame-Resistant Clothing Prevent Burn Injury?

Let’s first bust a common misconception about what flame-resistant clothing does. It does not prevent your employees from actually getting burned. If they are standing in the middle of a fire, their clothing is not going to miraculously repel the flames around them in defiance of the natural laws of physics.

But, with flame-resistant clothing, you essentially prevent the clothing from igniting and the flame from spreading across the body.

Essentially what this does for the employee is not prevent them from getting burned in the case of a fire, but instead buys them some time to get away from the scene of the accident because their uniform will not ignite.

Flame-Resistant Clothing Should Meet and Exceed Industry Standards and Requirements

Purchasing flame-resistant clothing for your employees isn’t as simple a task as selecting any material that is labeled as flame-resistant. Instead, you need to make sure you acquire materials that align with standards NFPA 70E, NFPA 2012, and ASTM 1506, which detail requirements on industrial work hazards.

These standards require uniforms to sustain the arc rating required based on the potential arc flash exposure from work equipment, which is up to the employer to perform a hazard assessment for.

What Else to Look For

While you should become familiar with these requirements, simply purchasing uniforms that match this arc rating isn’t quite enough to sustain the safety of your employees. It is also essential to properly maintain the life of these uniforms.

This means making sure that the uniforms undergo the proper laundering processes so they do not become damaged or overworn. That’s why getting flame-resistant clothing through a uniform rental program that follows industry standards is essential to make sure you are not only getting the proper uniforms but also that your uniforms last.

And while safety is important, you also still want to make sure your employees are comfortable on the job so they can remain productive and alert. That’s why comfort and fit is important for these uniforms, just as they are for any uniform.

Where to Get Your Flame-Resistant Clothing

For industrial flame-resistant clothing that meets and exceeds the necessary requirements, while remaining comfortable, well-fitting, and durable, contact us at Doritex.

We work with manufacturers such as Walls FR and Bulwark to make sure we only provide high-quality industrial uniforms combined with intensive laundering services to make sure your flame-resistant clothing gets the care that it needs.

To learn more about how our services can make your employees safer and to get your free quote, contact us today at 800-242-2145.