Floor Mats

Floor Mats

floor mats from Doritex


As a business owner, floor mats may be the last thing on your mind with all the other important tasks and concerns of your day-to-day. But you may be surprised to learn that mats may actually impact your bottom line.

Floor Mats by Mountville Mills

With a wide array of sizes, types, and colors, Doritex can supply you with high-quality products with a customized schedule for cleaning and replacement.

We represent the leader in the floor mat industry through our relationship with Mountville Mills.

The Benefits of Investing in Floor Mats

Something seemingly so minuscule is absolutely necessary for all businesses. Here’s why:

  • Floor mats protect your customers and employees from slip-and-fall accidents. Slipping happens due to a lack of traction between the shoe and the floor, typically caused by shoes without much grip and a wet or oily floor. Mats act as a barrier between a slippery floor and an individual. This saves you money from potential workers compensation claims and liability claims for injury on your property.
  • Aside from more serious matters, floor mats also impact whether or not a customer will want to return to your business. This is because no matter how many times you clean, with a lot of traffic coming into your business, your floors get dirty again quickly. Mats scrape off dirt from shoes, preventing individuals from tracking dirt throughout your establishment.
  • Not only do floor mats impact how clean your facility looks, they also bring together the look of your establishment. Similar to every other piece of decor in your business space, mats help enhance the appearance of a business.


Working with Doritex

Today, Doritex serves the needs of mat customers on a regular basis. Our custom mat rental programs offer a complete solution for safety, cleanliness, and improved appearance of a facility.

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