It’s clear that the cleanliness of your business matters. When a customer or a client walks through your doors, how clean your floors are will make or break whether or not they turn right back around. Business cleanliness shows a customer how you are going to treat them and how much you really care about their experience with your company. Therefore, it is essential to have quality mops that will get the job done right.

Mops by Golden Star

Golden Star partners with our customers to provide product expertise, customer service support along with sales and marketing experience unequalled in our industry. We work closely with our customers so we understand their goals and challenges. Our industry experience at every level – local, regional, national and global – enables us to lend expertise and insight. We back our quality reputation with absolute guarantees. Golden Star will work with you to provide solutions that are tailored to your business and to the distinctive needs of your customers. That has been the Golden Star commitment for over 100 years.

The Benefits of Investing in Quality Mops

Not just any mop will do the job of getting your floors squeaky clean. Here’s why Golden Star mops are some of the best mops you’ll get:

  • When you invest in quality mops for your business, you save time for your employees so they can focus on more important tasks. Instead of scrubbing away for extended periods of time, a quality mop picks up grime quickly and easily.
  • Mopping your floors isn’t just to make your floors look cleaner – it’s to actually get them clean. A low-quality mop will help remove what you can see on the surface, but may not actually get out all the grime in cracks and other areas you may not immediately notice. This means having to clean more frequently, compared to a quality mop that will help you actually maintain your floor cleanliness.
  • Quality mops make your floors noticeably cleaner. Make it so when your customers come to visit your business, they actually see how well-maintained you keep your business. Don’t settle for average. Give your best, so your customers trust they will receive the best.

Working with Doritex

At Doritex, we know the importance of high-quality cleaning supplies. This is why we regularly serve the mop needs of businesses. It’s not about simply purchasing a mop. Your mops need to be maintained and cleaned so they can maintain their quality.

With our quality mop rental programs, we can help save you time, keep your establishment clean, and retain customers.

Contact us at 800-242-2145 to learn more about our mop services and get started today.