Types of Floor Mats You Can Use Year-Round

floor mats you can use year-round

Some floor mats are industry-specific, like grease-resistant mats that are needed in commercial kitchens and garages, or anti-static ones in facilities that process or use items that are highly sensitive to static electricity. Other floor mats, on the other hand, are more seasonal. Outdoor waterhog mats, for instance, are used more during the wetter and colder seasons because they hold in more moisture.

But there are mats that are not only useful but necessary throughout the year. These are the essentials that you might want to keep in your facility all year long.

These are the three things that should always be in your floor mat inventory!

1.  Scraper Mats.

As the name implies, scraper mats “scrape” the bottoms of shoes, removing excess moisture, dirt and other debris. They feature an elevated and textured surface. Rain or shine, summer or winter, shoes drag in all sorts of dirt and moisture, making these mats a year-round floor care essential.

2.  Wet Area Floor Mats.

Toilets, bathrooms and washrooms – and the excess liquids that are inevitable in these rooms – know no season. Equipping these rooms with high-quality wet area floor mats not only optimizes your facility’s protection against slip-and-fall accidents but keeps these places clean and dry, which is a year-round job.

3.  Logo and Message Mats.

Marketing does not sleep – that is why logo and message mats are a necessary constant on your business’ floors! With the right placement and design, your floors have huge marketing potential and are prime real estate for boosting your branding efforts, so use these spaces wisely!


The Right Floor Mats for Your Business Space

The floor mats of today are leaps and leagues beyond what they used to be. The newer and better floor matting solutions available in the market these days are not only functional and necessary for floor safety and hygiene needs, but the right selection of floor mats can seamlessly and flawlessly blend into your facility’s interiors.

The right floor mats for your business space are ones that meet your needs and expectations on:

  • Quality and durability
  • Floor safety requirements
  • Cleanliness and maintenance
  • Appearance

The best part is, there is a completely hassle-free and efficient way to get all these and more: Doritex!

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