High-Visibility Clothing

High-Visibility Clothing that Protects Your Employees

high-visibility apparelHigh-visibility clothing isn’t an option. It’s a necessity. 

Employee safety is necessary in every profession, but the lengths employers must go to in order to keep their employees out of harm’s way varies by job. Careers involving exposure to traffic vehicles requires special attention.

In these traffic-related professions, the visibility of your employees is absolutely necessary for their safety. Jobtracks in need of high-visibility apparel include but are not limited to road construction, utility, police, emergency medical services and airport ramp personnel.

Highly visible workwear will make your employees more visible to oncoming traffic, helping prevent potentially fatal work-related accidents.

To find the right apparel for your workers, you need to look for more than just bright materials. You need to work with a company who will provide the best of the best to keep your employees safe. At Doritex we provide high-visibility apparel that suits Class 1-2-3 levels of protection for many occupations.

For more information on traffic work hazards in your industry, check out this Work Zone Hazards Workbook by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). This OSHA workbook details methods to prevent work hazards from traffic vehicles. One of the methods they discuss is high-visibility apparel!

According to OSHA’s workbook, “Employees exposed to public vehicular traffic must be provided with, and must wear, warning vests or other suitable garments marked with or made of reflectorized or high-visibility material.”

High-visibility clothing is not just an optional accessory for your employees. It is your responsibility to protect them from dangerous work hazards! There are an alarming number of work-related injuries and fatalities caused by traffic vehicles.

This is not something to wait on any longer. The safety of your employees and the safety of your business are both at stake.

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