How to Keep Employees Warm This Winter

employees warm

The Farmer’s Almanac warns of a colder, harsher winter this year, bringing with it dangerous cold and snowstorms. Working in these conditions can be an enormous challenge for your employees, but there are ways to help them.

Winter cold has unpleasant effects on your employees. It lowers productivity, weakens immune systems, and decreases morale. On top of that, sickness is not uncommon during this time of year. If there’s ever a time for extra protection and precaution, the winter months are it.

Here are some ways you can keep employees warm this winter season:

Warm Clothing

While indoor employees can stay warm and toasty in the office, your outdoor employees can’t. Provide them with sufficient clothing. For example, thermal undergarments and warm jackets and coats will help outdoor employees retain heat.Those employing construction and industrial positions should invest in winter-ready safety gear like high-visibility jackets. Waterproof, cold condition items are also a must for harsher situations.

It’s also important to dress in layers. Though a classic rule of thumb, it remains one of the most effective forms of body-heat retention. How it’s done, though, will determine its effectiveness.

Here’s a quick run-down:

How to Layer Effectively

There are three layers to every successful, cold-resistant layering: the inner, middle, and outer layer.

  • Inner Layer: Sweat wicking material to keep moisture off your skin.
  • Middle Layer: Insulates your heat from the cold. Thickness varies depending upon how cold it is. The colder it is outside, the thicker the material needs to be.
  • Outer Layer: Shields from wind and rain. Keeps the elements at bay so your inner layers can retain your heat.

Heat-Preserving Garments and Accessories

Body heat escapes more rapidly when exposed to the cold and leaves a person more vulnerable to conditions like frostbite and hypothermia. Protective gloves and headgear are insufficient for these harsh months. Go for warmer, thicker gloves, beanie hats, or lined winter-ready hard hats for added protection.

Warm Beverages

Nothing is better than a hot, steaming cup of your favorite drink on a cold winter’s day. Make sure to keep a sufficient supply of warm drinks to not only keep employees warm but also hydrated – which is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer.

Schedule Frequent Warm-Up Breaks

Exposure to cold weather causes the body to work harder to burn more calories and stay warm. This can take a toll, so it is vital to keep the exposure to a minimum. If cutting shifts short is impossible, incorporate frequent breaks and a place to rest from the cold during shifts.

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