How to Involve Employees in Uniform Selection

how to involve employees in uniform selection

Whether you’re investing in uniforms for the first time or reworking your current look, there’s one group of people that cares more than anyone else what kinds of uniforms you choose: your employees. You should take your employees’ opinions into account.

After all, they are the ones who are going to be wearing the uniforms that you select. But how can you involve employees in your uniform selection without getting overwhelmed by a flood of differing opinions?

Here’s how to take your employees’ opinions and experiences into account when deciding between uniform styles, fabrics and colors:

First, look back on your uniform history.

For example, have your current uniforms or lack of uniforms caused accidents or created hazards in the past? If so, you know what uniform elements to avoid in the future. Do your employees have a history of losing uniforms? If they do, then you might want to consider a uniform service that utilizes RFID technology, like the uniform service we offer at Doritex. Have your employees complained in the past about their uniforms or work clothing being too restricting? If so, you might want to go for a different style this time. In short, take the previous experiences of your employees into account when selecting uniforms.

Observe your employees at work and take notes.

Once you’ve taken a look at the past, move on to the present by observing your employees in the jobs and tasks they perform now. Will you need different styles of uniforms for employees in different job functions? Are your employees working mostly outside? Do they appear too hot or too cold? Are they constantly adjusting their clothes? All of these observations could factor into your final decision.

Consult with just a few trusted and key employees about their experiences and preferences.

While you might want to ask every single member of your company what they would prefer, you’ll simply end up trying to accommodate too many people’s requests. A uniform has to look cohesive, after all. So, instead, try talking to a few key employees, perhaps in different job functions, to get a better perspective on what they need and want from their uniforms.

If you really want the opinions of the group, present them with two different employee uniforms that you approve of and put the final decision to a vote.

This is a great way to involve the whole company without sticking you with employee uniforms that you don’t like! Once you’ve narrowed down your uniform selections to just two uniform styles that you like, allow your employees to make the final decision by voting between the two. This will make them feel like their voices have been heard!

Doritex has a uniform selection that fits all aspects of your workforce.

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