Doritex Technology: Improving Our Services for Our Clients

laundry technology

As part of our continuous commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Doritex uses only the latest in laundry technology and linen care for all our clients.

A Little History

In 2008, our main facility finally completed its much-anticipated expansion. The new facility is a staggering 80,000-square foot space that is unmatched by any of our competitors in the region – both in size, capacity, and quality.

This new facility features every little detail of our master plan to deliver quality to every single one of our clients. This mega-facility is a mammoth cleaning machine that uses the best available technology in the laundry and linen care industry to deliver A-grade cleanliness and safety in the items that we process. It’s an innovation marvel with the level of efficiency and productivity that it delivers, effectively increasing output for the same effort and the same topnotch quality that Doritex has been known for.

What Our Facility is Capable Of

Doritex prides itself in the accuracy and preciseness of our operations, and a large part of that is due to the laundry technology that we have invested in. This allows us to deliver the kind of service that you need and deserve:

Accurate tracking. One of the essential components of our facility is centered around Radio Frequency Identification or RFID technology. This laundry technology allows for optimum tracking accuracy, cutting down processing time significantly. Every garment, appropriately tagged with RFID chips, gets properly labeled and recorded automatically into the system – information like which client it is listed under, the processes and repairs it has undergone, when it went inside the facility, etc. All these are done automatically, quickly, and directly transferred to the client so inventory on both ends are done in an instant.

Automated, large-capacity sorting. Doritex has also invested in state-of-the-art, custom-built Softrol sorting technology. This allows for accurate sorting of each item that enters and leaves the facility. This sorting technology, paired with our RFID-tracking chips, ensures that every garment gets back to you on-time, week after week after week. The real time and actual data not only show the processes each item has gone through but also trends and expected volume of usage in the future, which is extremely helpful for your planning and budgeting.

Better, cleaner results. Doritex uses a state-of-the-art wash aisle system from Ellis. This laundry technology allows us to use a stain-specific washing formula, bringing you better and cleaner results every time.

Greener operations. Central to Doritex’s operations is our commitment to environmental protection without having to compromise the quality of our service or the safety of the garments that we process. That is why we have invested in the kind of washing formula we load onto our washers. And we are more than glad to relay to you that the formulas that we use – more than seventeen of them to specifically target different types of stains and soils – not only effectively clean items thoroughly, but that they do so with minimal negative impact to the environment. This, coupled with our water and electricity-use reduction efforts, means that you can rest assured that our own clean and green systems are in line with yours!

Triple pass anti-wrinkling system. With Doritex, you are guaranteed uniforms that are absolutely wrinkle-free thanks to our triple-pass steam tunnel technology. The tunnel uses high temperatures and high humidity levels to ensure that every garment that passes through the tunnel is rid of wrinkles and ready to inspect and hang for delivery. This is a faster, more effective, and definitely more efficient process, yielding over 10,000 garments per day.

Prompt repair and replacement system. Quality is the cornerstone of everything we do here at Doritex, which is why we put a priority on our repairs and replacement system. We have a same-week repair policy that makes sure your garments are fixed and ready to use by the time your deliveries are sent back to you. And should the damaged garments be beyond fixing, we have over 40,000 garments in our stockroom for replacement. And, any repair or replacement done on your garments is automatically logged into the garment history and reflected onto your account accurately.

Error-proof route accounting. Hand-in-hand with our tracking and inventory management systems, our route accounting ensures that every little detail that is of importance to you as a client is recorded and transparent to you – from the age of the garment to the last button replaced. This is the level of attention to detail we have long been known for in our laundry process. Using the latest technology, we have translated this meticulousness to every other aspect of our operations – especially where it matters most to you.  

Experience Doritex Quality Today!

If our facilities prove anything, it is that Doritex is all about quality and customer satisfaction. It’s the kind of commitment to excellence and service that your business needs – so get it today. Call 800.242.2145 or contact us here to get started.