Must-Have Mats for Your Restrooms

Must-Have Mats for Your Restrooms

restroom mats


restroom mats

Bathrooms are some of the most dangerous places in your business for many reasons. The right, strategically placed mat can make the difference between routine functions and a slip and fall. No other room has a combination of necessary hard flooring and intentional exclusion of mats and rugs. While there are good reasons for withholding mats from the bathroom, there are even better reasons to have them. 

Not Every Mat is a Bathroom Mat

The impulse to keep the bathroom floor clean and clear of any absorbent materials is understandable. Considering everything a bathroom floor is subjected to, keeping the floor unobstructed and easily mopped is an effective solution. However, it’s also true that the right mat managed by the right company can greatly benefit your restrooms and the people who use them. 

Bathrooms Without Mats Are Dangerous

Bathroom floors host a variety of substances. Water from the faucet or dripping hands, soap from the dispenser, dirt and grime carried in from outside – the list goes on and on. Unless your janitorial staff is checking every bathroom frequently, hazards are never far away. 

The CDC estimates that, in 2008, 234,094 non-fatal bathroom injuries were treated in emergency departments. Approximately 80% of those injuries were sustained by a fall.

The Right Mats in the Right Place

Doritex is happy to supply every mat your restroom needs. The key to proper mat use is placement. Our line of urinal mats ensures your male guests and employees always have a place to safely stand. 

Anybody who’s used a urinal with puddles in the standing area knows the value of a urinal mat. There’s no substitute for sure footing. A urinal mat cared for by Doritex will always provide a dry, secure spot. Not only will a well-placed bathroom mat keep occupants safe, but it will also keep the bathroom smelling better. When regularly cleaned, a mat will keep urine from forming bacterial colonies in your grouting. 

Around toilets and below sinks are more places you can expect to get a lot of use out of mats. Because they absorb water, they keep dangerous puddles from forming in the places they’re most likely to assemble. This means security and comfort in a place that needs it most. 

Clean Mats Are Safe Mats

It’s not enough to just get mats for your bathroom and leave them there. For a few weeks they’ll do a great job. Soon, though, you’ll notice a persistent smell in your bathroom that air fresheners can’t touch. It won’t be long before you’ll have to throw those mats out and buy more or forget about them altogether! 

If you buy more, that’s time and money; if you forget about them, you’re back to where you started! 

Doritex is Your Restroom Mat Specialist

No matter your specification or amount, Doritex is ready and able to fulfill your mat needs. We understand the value that quality bathroom mats add to your business, and the upkeep that’s required to maintain them. With Doritex handling your mat service, your mats will always be clean, fresh, and ready to go. 

To get started with Doritex today, give us a call at (800) 242-2145, visit our website, or contact us for a free quote!