A Beginner’s Guide to Shop Towel Rentals

shop towel rentals

If you’re starting your own automotive shop, or realizing it’s time for a change from your usual disposable rag, then shop towel rentals may be what your business needs.

This service is something that we at Doritex can help you with, but first you may be wondering how exactly shop towel rentals work and how they can benefit your business.

First and foremost, you’ve landed on the right website as just any shop towel rental may not be best for you. Any rag could be low-quality, poorly-maintained, and delivered late and with inaccuracies. But with Doritex’s shop towel rentals you get the quality and efficiency that your business needs in your rentals, plus prime customer service to make sure every one of your needs is cared for.

For this reason, you have already made the first step in getting the right shop towels: locate a quality towel service. But we understand the need to come into any partnership with the right mindset. That’s why here we’ll break down the importance of reusable shop towels, especially ones that are maintained through a quality rental service.

The Relationship Between Automotive Shop Success and the Right Towel Rental

When you use disposable rags for your business, you end up wasting money on supplies and wasting time having to reorder them. That’s why we highly stress you look into reusable shop towel rentals – you don’t have to worry about reordering, how they may look to your customers, having to waste money on disposable towels, or having to maintain your rags yourself. Plus, you’ll also help the environment by reducing your company’s contribution to landfills!

Shop towel rentals are your simple solution to start streamlining your business operations.

So how does Doritex’s shop towel rental program work? Here’s everything you need to know:

1. Determine what your business’ needs are.

Before you give us a call, take a look at your business and what supplies you are currently using. Think about how many disposable rags you go through in a day, or if you currently use regular shop rags, look at your current process for maintaining them. From there, you’ll be able to figure out how many shop towels you will need on a regular basis through a rental program so that you always have enough and never run out.

While you look at these items, also analyze what other supplies your business goes through, as most rental programs can include more than one type of item. An example would be if your business uses uniforms or floor mats, or even hand soap. Take stock of what you use on a frequent basis.

2. Read more about our company and the other services we offer.

Once you’ve determined what your business needs are, take a look through our website. Here you’ll find information about our company so you know who you will be doing business with, as well as the vast array of services that we offer so you can see what needs we will gladly help you fulfill. We will gladly add on any of the following services you need to your shop towel rental program:


3. Learn more about how we keep track of your shop towel rentals.

A concern that business owners deal with when selecting a provider is finding a company that will deliver their supplies on time, and accurately. Simply promising that isn’t enough. That’s why at Doritex, we use a variety of technologies so that you can be confident that you are getting a reliable service. We do everything in our power, from utilizing a state-of-the-art sorting system to keep track of items in need of repair or exchange to implementing an accounting system that makes your invoices completely accurate, understandable and easy to access.

4. Give us a call for free expert advice.

After evaluating your needs and getting to know more about our business, it’s time to give us a call. Simply tell us more about your business and what you are looking for and we will provide for you a free consultation, accompanied with a free quote on our services. You’ll be happy to find our customer service representatives delighted to speak with you and help in any way we can.

5. Create a delivery schedule that works best for you.

Once you’ve become acquainted with our services and products, we’ll get you set up for your first delivery. Here’s how our program works: we deliver your shop towel rentals to you, and pick them up again for laundering, all at your convenience. All you need to worry about from there is running your business. We won’t be a rental service you need to constantly think about. Our process is very simple and easy to use.

6. Leave the rest to us.

And that’s it! All you need to do now is fill out our contact form or give us a call at 800-242-2145 to get started with your quality shop towel rental service.