Standard Garment Options

Work Uniforms to Fit Your Needs

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The uniform does not make the employee. However, it does make a huge difference in your employees’ productivity and sense of affiliation with your brand. Several studies have found that having employees wear standard work uniforms benefits both the business and the employee. Companies are seen as a more credible, more reliable organization when their employees use high-quality, well-designed work uniforms. Also, uniforms that are easily identifiable with the brand allow for increased visibility opportunities and advertising.

But more than making the decision of investing in uniforms, the bigger and more important choice you have to make for your business is the kind of uniforms that you invest in.

Make the right choice for your brand and your team with Doritex’s line of high-quality standard garment options!

We have a whole range of uniform options for various industries and work classifications. Whether you’re looking for work uniforms that prioritize comfort and movability or uniforms that can stand long, hard hours at work, we have it all for you!

Our uniforms are sourced from premier manufacturers, including VF-Red Kap and Williamson Dickie Corporation.

Give us a call today at 800-242-2145 and let our Doritex uniform specialists walk you through your options and help you find the work uniform to suit your needs.