Our expansion is complete!

The Doritex expansion in 2008 to our new 80,000-square-foot service facility was unlike any other in the region.

At our new facility we combined the latest industry technology along with our valued coworkers to ensure that our quality, safety, and productivity are second to none.

You are invited to take a look at how our advanced technology, combined with our people, will improve your service program.

Doritex made investments in a state of the art Ellis wash aisle. This new equipment allows us to utilize more than 17 specific wash formulas for all different types of soils.

Inside our Doritex operations we have changed over to some of the industry’s “greenest” wash formulas to ensure that your garments are clean, and that the water we release back into our environment is safe.

Doritex is environmentally active in our industry. We belong to the Laundry ESP which maintains the following benefits for us as well as our environment:

  • A reduction in pollutants that are discharged
  • A reduction in water usage
  • A reduction in energy usage
  • Significant substitutions of environmentally-friendly wash chemicals

At Doritex, we minimized the space within our new facility by installing a triple pass steam tunnel. With this new technology, all garments that are processed are finished at very high temperatures (285°F) and high humidity levels that virtually eliminate all wrinkles from the fabric. Our steam tunnel is very energy efficient and its productivity allows us to process over 10,000 garments per day to keep pace as our quantities increase.

At Doritex, we essentially built our new plant around unique RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. With these small passive chips, Doritex now has the ability to maintain, and accurately track your entire rental inventory (both garments and mats). This is important for a variety of reasons. The main benefit with RFID is that we have better information about every garment, when it went into service, how many times it has been processed and repaired, and we are able to communicate everything back to our customers.

With RFID technology, Doritex is much better equipped than any other company to be 100% accurate in its information that our customers expect. The investment in RFID has provided us a greater return on investment when looking at improved customer service.

We feel that this major difference completes our commitment to provide our customers the best inventory management system in the industry today.

Doritex offers you a completely automated sorting system custom built for us by Softrol. This innovative sorting technology delivers the sorting and sequencing speed and accuracy that we need.

Simply put, the Softrol system enables Doritex to accurately match up all of the garments that we process every day.

Our sorting capability combined with RFID technology helps Doritex ensure that all of your garments are returned every week. This automation provides a wealth of information, and with just one click of a mouse, the following information can be retrieved to better service our customer:

  • How many garments did each customer turn in?
  • How many washes have been done by garment?
  • What is the forecasted production volume?
  • What is the net change daily? Monthly ?
  • What is the net change by route?
  • Which customers are expanding or contracting?
  • What are the most popular styles of garments?

This information helps us best answer any questions that our customers may have about their program.

When and if a garment should need repair, our Doritex staff is available every shift to ensure that all needed repairs are made that same week. We provide a continuous inspection of every garment within our plant and if needed they are repaired, or replaced. We maintain the highest repair standards. If your uniform doesn’t meet our quality standard, it is replaced.

Our in-plant stockroom has over 40,000 garments ready to issue your new replacements when needed. Our in-plant inspection systems assure you that you receive quality garments every week.

In 2009, we implemented and deployed a new route accounting system. What this helped us achieve was improvements in the accuracy of our invoicing, and improved levels of service to our customers.

With our route accounting system, we can account for, and better manage, your account costs as well as your products. The system goes hand and hand with our inventory control systems that ensure an accurate invoice when our route sales representatives deliver your products each week. There are numerous reports that can be produced to help our service group better manage your program. We can account for all your garments and determine specific answers about the age, the type, and their usage as well.