Bath Towels

Bath Towels

bath towels

Soft, Terry Cloth Bath Towels for a Luxurious Experience

During a hotel stay, a guest usually wants one of two things: a stay that doesn’t feel too far away from home and a stay that provides pure luxury. While the focus in hotel rooms tends to be on the bed, don’t forget about your bathrooms. Think of it – you’ve just turned the faucet off from a relaxing, hot, steamy shower, only to reach for a thin and rough towel that completely detracts from the calm state you were just in. That’s why as a hotel manager or owner, you need to be aware of not just the comfort of the bedroom but also the bath towels in your bathrooms. This job can be made easy when you work with Doritex!

The little details like the texture of your bath towels makes a big impact on guest experience. And if you want to run a quality hotel, it’s all about working with quality businesses and quality people. At Doritex we have both – the towel services that help cultivate a wonderful hotel stay and the customer service dedicated to helping our customers and partners.

If you’re looking to provide extra comfort and satisfaction to your guests, look no further than bath towel services from Doritex!

Doritex: Your Quality Bath Towels Combined with Top-of-the-Line Laundry Services

Our focus isn’t on simply delivering you one batch of bath towels and never speaking again until it’s time for replacements. In the hotel industry, it’s more than just having the towels. You can’t forget about cleaning them and maintaining that initial quality. That’s why at Doritex we not only deliver the towels right to you but we also clean them and make sure they always come back to you looking great. We do all of the picking up, the laundering, the maintenance and the delivering.

When you give us a call and sign up for our service, we take care of the rest. No longer will you need to worry about maintaining crisp, clean, soft towels. Our process is straightforward and our terry cloth bath towels are perfect for any hotel business.

To contact us, give us a call at 800-242-2145 and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions regarding our bath towel services!