Fender Covers and Seat Covers

Fender Covers and Seat Coversfender covers and seat covers

Protective Fender and Seat Covers for Satisfied Customers

From working in the automotive industry, you probably know that taking care of a car involves more than simply fixing the problem. It takes an eye to detail, to make sure that while you work on fixing one thing, you don’t end up doing further damage elsewhere. It can be so quick and easy to end up scratching the vehicle, car seats and dashboard as you work. Because of this, even a close eye can slip up and end up scratching the car. That’s why it’s better to take extra precautions to prevent damaging the vehicles customers are trusting you with. And an easy preventative measure is to get fender and seat covers from Doritex!

To achieve a happy customer and a successful product or service does not mean that you have to work harder; instead, as the saying goes, you should focus on working smarter. In this case, that means acquiring a quality supply of fender and seat covers so your employees can focus more of their time on the actual maintenance tasks they were assigned. Our covers are easy to use and move around, so they can easily become ingrained in your workers’ routines.

Impress your customers with your care and attention to their vehicle by showing that you not only fixed the problem but also by returning their car back to them unscathed. Doritex can help you achieve this with our high-quality seat and fender covers!

Doritex: Your Best Source for Seat and Fender Covers

So you’ve acquired this supply of fender and seat covers from us, but what do you do with them when you’re done with the job? At Doritex, we don’t want to simply supply you with a product and leave the rest up in the air for you. That’s why not only will we deliver your fender and seat covers to you, but we will also come back and pick them up for maintenance so that your supply is only there to help you, not to inhibit you. And we know that your shop may need more than covers; you may require uniforms, towels and more to continue your effort to make your business more streamlined and efficient. At Doritex, we supply it all.

There’s no need to fret over towels and fender covers, from finding the right ones that will make your job easier, to figuring out how you’ll launder and maintain them. We have all of that handled for you. All you need to do right now is give us a call to get started.

Simply contact us at 800-242-2145 for any questions or to begin your high-quality fender and seat cover service.