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Shop Towels

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Shop Towels to Get the Job Done Right

While it takes a great employee to get their job done efficiently, it also takes a high-quality towel. Shop towels are specially designed for the needs of your business, prepared to absorb the grease, oil and other liquids your shop handles on a daily basis. The utilization of these rags goes hand-in-hand with the productivity of your employees, especially when you get your shop towels from Doritex! This is because our shop towel rentals give your employees the absorbency and quality they need to wipe away spills while we handle the maintenance and cleaning of your towels, freeing up employee time and energy.

Not just any shop towel will provide you the ease of cleaning your business truly needs. So, look no further than Doritex for high-quality rags made specifically for your industry.

Whether you run an auto mechanic shop, a print shop, a car wash or any other commercial business that needs absorbent rags, we have the shop towels for you!

Trust Doritex Products and Service!

Our shop towel rental service is convenient and easy-to-use. It simply goes like this – we drop off your shop towel rentals, pick them up from you and launder them, and drop off your shop towel rentals once again. This ensures that you have a constant supply of clean shop towels that will get the job done efficiently. No longer do you need to worry about your shop towels holding your employees back from getting their job done.

Worry less about how long it takes your shop towels to clean up spills and grease and about how much time it takes for your employees to launder them. Simplify the process and make your business look great when you work with Doritex.

Contact us today at 800-242-2145 to learn more about our shop towel rental services and other ways we can help your business!