Standard Garment Options

We have a whole range of uniform options for various industries and work classifications. Whether you’re looking for uniforms that prioritize comfort and movability or uniforms that can stand long, hard hours at work, we have it all for you!

uniform rental sevice from Doritex

Flame-Resistant Clothing

Flame-resistant workwear from manufacturers like Walls FR and Bulwark meet and exceed NFPA 70E, NFPA 2012, and ASTM 1506 standards. Our specialists will recommend the right type of garments that are suited for your needs.

flame-resistant clothing and uniforms

High-Visibility Clothing

Doritex offers high-visibility solutions suited for Class 1-2-3 levels of protection for many occupations such as road construction, utility, police, emergency medical services and airport ramp personnel.

high-visibility clothing