Top 10 Guidelines for Working in the Dark

working in the dark

There’s a huge sector of the working population that’s often ignored: those who work in the dark. Whether your employees work in construction, security or air travel, there are certain risks associated with working in the dark or at night.

Here are our tips to improve your employees’ safety and their overall experience when working in the dark.

10. Get familiar with the work site and assess potential hazards in the daytime.

If possible, go with your employees to the work site ahead of time, while there’s still enough light left in the day, to assess potential hazards.

9. Make sure employees have proper training.

If your employees don’t receive proper training for their job, they’re not going to be able to safely carry out their work in the daytime, let alone at night. 

8. Have a clear plan for the work time.

Uncertainty creates confusion, which creates mistakes that will only be amplified by low visibility.

7. Go slow.

Encourage your employees who work after dark to take a little more time to assess potential hazards as they go.

6. Make time for dark adaptation.

Dark adaptation is what happens when you go from a bright atmosphere to a dark one, and it takes your eyes time to adapt to the new lighting. Allow your workers a few minutes to make the adjustment from bright light to low light.

5. Invest in the right eye wear.

Make sure your employees aren’t wearing tinted glasses or darkening protective goggles if it’s not necessary for their safety. Consider investing in glare-reducing glasses to help with night vision.

4. Clear all obstructions.

Make sure all unnecessary objects are removed from the workplace and that all walkway areas are clear.

3. Get rid of the headphones.

With visibility limited, the other four senses become much more important. Your employees will be safer if they can hear what’s going on around them.

2. Provide high-visibility clothing.

The best way to protect your employees is to make them more visible. Doritex provides a line of high-visibility clothing to help you keep your employees safe.

1. Make sure the work area is as brightly lit as possible.

This is a no-brainer. Provide as much light as you can, and try to reduce the glare from light sources as much as possible.

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